Technical Assistance (TA) Pracitioners

TA practitioners working in NC’s early care and education systems include, but are not limited to, TA specialists, early interventionists, quality improvement specialists, preschool/Pre-K mentors, child care health consultants, playground safety consultants, and many others.

The number of technical assistance providers serving the early care and school age community varies based on funding available.

Current survey results indicate an estimated 300 early educators serve in this role in the child care resource and referral and Smart Start systems. (May 2013).

The Institute conducts and annual survey of professional development and technical assistance providers.  Data from these surveys can be viewed here.

 TA Pracitioner Competencies

 The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education led the development of the competencies for technical assistance (TA) practitioners.

The purpose of the competencies is to inform the development of two activities funded by the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant (RttT-ELC) under DCDEE auspices: an Endorsement to be added to the Early Educator Certification of TA practitioners and a CEU-bearing course on TA (Consultation, Coaching, and Mentoring).

TA Practitioners, employers and funders may choose to use the tool to support individual  practice, support training efforts, and/or inform individual professional development growth opportunities or needs.
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