Ed2Career: Early Childhood 2020

Ed2Career: Early Childhood 2020 will develop a collaborative 5-year action plan to guide our state’s next steps in advancing the education, compensation, recognition and career commitment of North Carolina’s early educators.

The goal of the plan is to support efforts that will grow a professional well-educated and compensated early childhood workforce in North Carolina by 2020.On May 7, 2015, the Ed2Career: Early Childhood 2020 action planning process was kicked off by a summit in Greensboro co-sponsored by the Institute, Growing Greatness Project coordinated by Blue Ridge Community College and the NC Community College System Office.

The Summit was supported in part by funding from the Institute’s Lifting Voices project funded by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.

The summit included more than 40 early educators, local, state and national partners from various sectors and organizations. All came together to identify achievable, measurable strategies for reaching the goal and to identify existing and new resources to support them.Brief foundational overviews were shared by Sue Russell of T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® National Center, Dr. Deb Cassidy of UNC at Greensboro and Julie Kowal of BEST-NC (see presentations below).


Key resources were shared with participants to inform their discussions. Sample resources may be accessed in the section to the right.

Action Plan

The Institute and Growing Greatness partners are seeking the active engagement of Summit participants and additional business and industry representatives to continue joint efforts to build an action plan. The Growing Greatness project is focused on increasing the use and quality of community college early childhood coursework. Project efforts will be woven together with the NC articulation team effort and the work of the Institute’s work group structure as well as strategies being developed by the state’s early childhood professional associations and coalition to form the action plan framework.

Action Plan Forums

July 23 –  Pathways to Careers meeting

Monthly meetings of Institute workgroups begin (Compensation, Professional Development, Advancing the Education of the Workforce, Higher Education)

August 12 – Institute of Medicine Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8 – invitation and registration required. 

August 25 – Business and industry partners will gather for a focus group discussion about how the community college early childhood degree programs can best meet their needs.

September 17 – May 2015 Summit participants will gather to review information gathered and strategies developed to date.

September 21 and 22 – Growing Greatness and DPI early childhood faculty will participate in a joint working meeting to strengthen college to career pathways.

September 23 – Growing Greatness project members will be provided with an overview of information and strategies collected to inform the development of an action plan.


Please contact Debra Torrence at dtorrence@ncicdp.org for more information.




Early educators provide a critical service for our children and families, support business and industry and employ over 2 million early educators across the nation. More than 30,000 early educators work with young children in out of home settings in North Carolina.

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