Community Planning Checklist

Using a planned approach to building a professional development system will support quality child care. There are critical aspects to consider in developing a Child Care Professional Development Planning System. A guide has been developed that can serve as a resource. The guide outlines the components of the professional development planning system

A working system includes the concurrent development of multiple subsystems. The subsystems will deal with the particular areas of education, compensation, articulation, regulations, leadership, and accountability. The work that occurs in each of these subsystems must interface well with the developments in the other systems while assuring that influences such as political climate, resources, partnerships, public awareness are recognized. Professional development system planning is a time-consuming but important task in ensuring a skilled workforce and quality care for children. Keep in mind that
barriers to professional development cannot all be addressed overnight, and that implementing a system is an incremental process. To understand how these system work together, this diagram may be helpful.

This interactive community assessment is to be used by community leaders working towards quality child care. This tool joins two other tools; the interactive personal and professional development planning tool for teachers, and the interactive self-assessment for child care administrators.

Completing this assessment will result in a checklist for community coalitions working to build the system of quality care locally.

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