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Quality Supports

Quality Improvement Grants –  Contact your local Smart Start Partnership and Child Care Resource & Referral Agency for local information.

Program Accreditation Scholarships – NAEYC Child Care Program Accreditation Scholarships are available. Click here.

The Child Care Provider Almanac – This handbook is designed to increase your understanding of how to use positive guidance practices and reduce the occurrence of child challenging behavior in licensed child care centers and homes. 



Salary Schedules


No cost/low cost benefits for certified early educators

Professional Development Plans

PD Plan Samples

Continuing Education

Financial Aid for College

Financial aid for early educators seeking college courses is available through a variety of sources. Click here to learn more.


Great Teachers

North Carolina is home to over 40,000 early childhood teachers. Great early childhood teachers work all across our state with more than 200,000 children in early care and school age settings.

Workforce supports including scholarships, salary supplements, on-site technical assistance and quality improvement efforts supported by Smart Start and state resources increase the potential that children will benefit from a great teacher.

Great early childhood teachers yield great returns.
•    Children who participate in strong early childhood programs with great teachers do better in school and life.
•    Parents are able to work and be more productive at work when they know their child(ren) are with a great teacher.
•    Taxpayers see a significant benefit from their investment in great early childhood teachers — about a $7 return for every dollar.

Supporting Great Teachers in NC – Great early childhood teachers are in your program. Print, post, email, copy and share this brochure with programs and parents!

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